Is589 Chapter 2 & 3 Mini-Case

Topics: Mobile phone, Client-server, Web browser Pages: 2 (609 words) Published: November 13, 2010
Chapter 2: Mini-Case I. Deals-R-Us Brokers (Part 1)
1.Classify the two alternatives in terms of what type of application architecture they use. The first suggested solution is a client-based architecture since it’s the client that tells the server what data to select to analyze, making the client perform most of the work. The later architecture is a two-tier thin client architecture since it requires an application layer, in this case, a web browser and all processing is done by the server.

2.Outline the pros and cons of the two alternatives and make a recommendation to Fred about which is better. Solution 1: Client-based pros-
1.Much more inexpensive to implement as micro-computers are considerably cheaper versus mainframe 2.Hardware of different manufacturers/platforms can function together on the same network Solution 1: Client-based cons-

1.Data traffic must be sent and received between client and host 2.Due to the potential amount of information that must be sent between client and host, this can put a significant performance hit against the network, affecting all machines Solution 2: Thin-client pros-

1.Better performance because processing is distributed to multiple machines (multiple web servers for example where load balancing is used to optimize network/server resources) 2.Using a web browser as the client for this architecture means no deployment is necessary. Presentation is changed on the server and is immediately reflected on all clients accessing the server. Hardware and software from different vendors can be (is possible) used together Solution 2: Client-server cons-

1.Getting software from different vendors to work together smoothly can difficult to setup. Not all platforms implementations of web browser are universal; something that renders in Internet Explorer may look different or not render at all if client is using FireFox. 2.Sometimes third party software may be required to translate between platforms via either...
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