Topics: Mobile phone, Cellular network, Computer Pages: 1 (325 words) Published: November 14, 2010
Assignment # 2/ Week 2
By: Vuidi Kiwabonga
Course: IS 589
Instructor: Margi Mellott

Chapter 2: Mini Case I— Part 1
The first Alternative to have a client download the tool into their computer to run is classified as a Client-based architecture; and the second alternative to have the program running on the server is classified as a Host-based architecture. On the client-based Architecture: some of the positives points are that: people have quick access to the data by having all the presentation, application and data access logic, stored in the client microcomputer; and one of the down side is that the data travel to the client from the server to be processed. When it comes to the Host-based architecture, we notice that all the computer resources are centralized, the server processed all messages, overload can occur and that will enable the system to quickly process data, therefore the system will encounter slow response time. This architecture also is very expensive and difficult to upgrade. Since business are setup for profitability and revenue, also the business will have a lot of data to analyze and for that matter we don’t want any delay in response or any kind of overload, I believe that I will recommend Fred to go with the Client-Based architecture.

Chapter 3: Mini Case IV
1 byte = 8 bits
1000 bytes=8000 bits
#1: Now we need to find out how long does it take to transmit one label over the cell network, assuming that the cell phone network operates at 14 kbps: 14 kbps = 14,000 bits
8,000 bits x 14,000 bits = 112,000,000 bps
#2: If the speedy were to upgrade to a new, faster digital phone network that transmits data at 114 kbps (114,000 bits per second, this is how long it will take to transmit a label: 114,000 bits x 8000 bits= 912,000,000 bps
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