Is582-Final Exam Tips

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  • Published : March 3, 2012
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TCO| Wording| Exam Topics|
AWEEK 1Given a basic understanding of business database needs, identify the components, costs, and functions of a database system and analyze the applications and benefits of databases to business requirements.| Database User’s View * The DBMS and its functionsSlide 1-17, page 11| * Database architectureSlide 1-4 (character of a database)| * Database components|

* History of data processing|
* Different database application|
* Personal databases|
* Enterprise databases|
* Database metadata, self-describing database|
BWEEK 3Given a set of typical business reports, use the entity-relationship and object models to document the information requirements and rules| Database Modeler’s View * Data modeling| * The ERD|

* Components of an ERD|
* Cardinality |
* Degree of a relationship |
* Design patterns found in forms and reports|
* The different entity types|
* The data modeling process|
CWEEK 2 WEEK 4Given a completed E-R diagram, or object model, normalize the data into a relational design and prepare relational application programming requirement documents.| Database Theory ViewDatabase Designer View * Functional dependency| * Normalization |

* The relational model|
* Modification anomalies|
* Common design problems|
* Different normal forms|
* Difference between the logical DB model and the physical DB model| * Referential integrity constraints|
* Transforming different entity patterns into database tables.| * Process for converting an ERD into a physical database| * Cardinality and DB table relationships|
* Data entry|
DWEEK 1Given a database application, analyze database implementation and processing issues such as data manipulation techniques form design and report generation.| Database User’s View * SQL...
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