Is a College Degree Necessary for Success?

Topics: Academic degree, Higher education, High school Pages: 2 (582 words) Published: April 5, 2011
A college Degree
I read an article “Is a college degree necessary” in the Los Angles Time was written by Mike Rustigan recently. The author wrote about the number of students drop out from the college because they feel that school is not a right place for them to learn and practical. They just want to work with hand, and learn a skill by themselves after graduate high school. In contrast, the President Obama wants every student have a chance to attend the college and get higher salary later. Obama said with the congress “We expect our children not only to graduate high school but graduate from college and get a good paying job.” (Los Angles time) What are you thinking about his suggest? After reading the article, the big question in my mind is: Is a college degree necessary for success? In this essay, we will discuss college is not only path to success but college degree is really necessary for every student to secure their job and opportunities for career. In fact, every year there is thousands of student graduate high school across the country. College is a right place where people care about the book, discuss the ideas and create the new knowledge. Moreover, college is also the place you can show your new way of thinking and knowing freedom. To decision whether or not taking college is one of difficult decision for high school students. In this day, we want to know that how much the degree college helps in the real world. A college degree is a kind to passport to enter the profession jobs, especially profession that required the certificated and well educated such as doctor, engineer, and teacher. Would you visit the doctor without the licensed? Or would you send your child for the teachers who do not have the certificate of education? That is the piece of paper, but it is a passport to allow you enter the good job with high pay. Having the college degree we can open the door of opportunities to developing your career which one not have had if that...
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