Is War Justified

Topics: Peace, Just War, Pacifism Pages: 5 (1923 words) Published: February 10, 2013
In Today's Society, War can be Justified
Philosophical Social Issues

In today's society, the possession and effective use of force is necessary. We have to recognize that we live in an imperfect world where evil seems to be an inevitablity. Our constant need for power makes the idea of a violent free world unimaginable. As long as we continue on this power hungry path the political issues will continue on this same path. Force is necessary with our current societal conditions and can be looked at as irresponsible when a nation does not prepare for the necessity of force. Any political conversation that entails the words, truth, liberty or peace run hand in hand with the use of force to create them. The perspective of some people are that we need to find other options to create peace other than the use of force. Unfortunately we have to acknowedge that certain nations, movements or countries will not negotiate without the threat of force. We are being Naive to suggest that every single problem in this world can be negotiated peacefully. Alot of the problems with war, is that of both religion and history. It is nearly impossible to coincide on a peaceful resolution with ones who disagree on the very way in which you live your life, or your ancestors have. The problems we have in society today are due to the fact that we have a lack of force needed to constrain the corruption that takes place in today's society. If we had more military forces to aid with the creation of peace, a passion for justice, and the intelligence to know what will and won't work than I believe the world will mirror individuals and the ways we react in our society. In "The Morality of War," Larry May, Eric Rovie and Steve Viner have compiled a group of essays that help to understand the ethical questions of War. I will be outlining the reasons in which I find pacifism to be just as detrimental to society as force. Also the reasons in which going to war can be justified. We will be taking a look at what defines a just war, a humanitarian intervention which includes self defense and why these are all plausible justifications when used appropriately.

Pacifism is a great idea in theory, but it would not fit in today's society. Living by this moral principle can cause a greater harm by turning the other cheek than by using force to deminish a greater threat. There is always going to be people seeking out power or people who have different beliefs and morals because it is engraved within ourselves through generation after generation. Jan Narveson directly states a pacifists view, "His belief is not only that violence is evil but also that it is morally wrong to use force to resist, punish, or prevent violence. We are aggressive and greedy people and to change the thinking of the entire world with out the threat of force seems nearly impossible. Hypathetically, if pacifism was put into law, the use of any type of force will be breaking the law and the sentence is life in prison. Now imagine if a man breaks into a house of a young lady and rapes this lady and then pulls a gun out to shoot her. If the woman grabs the gun and shoots the man, she would also be sent to prison for life because any use of force is labelled as unacceptable. In our society today, violence is happening everyday even though we have laws in place to minimize them. Violence is not only a thing of the past but it is a thing of the future and without a proper punishment, violence will increase drastically. Narveson communicates a second version of pacifism where " one might argue that pacifism is desirable as a tactic: that as a matter of fact, some good end, such as the reduction of violence itself , is to be achieved by 'turning the other cheek'. " This again is a good theory, but if it was put into action, the consequences would be great. A human has the right to defend themselves, or help a person that is in need. In war it is the same thing but instead of one person needing...
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