Is War Ever Justified

Topics: World War II, United States, Adolf Hitler Pages: 4 (1434 words) Published: January 17, 2013
IsIs War Ever Justified

    War, although being described by those who have survived it as hell, is in my opinion a necessary part of life in some sense in order to expand in many ways like socially, economically, and politically. In terms of social changes brought on by war, war often teaches us lessons about how to better our behaviour and attitudes in terms of our association both domestically and foreign. In World War 2 (1939 - 1945), America and Germany’s interaction and hostilities soon diminished after the end of conflict suggesting that they had learned to get along (or at the very least solve their issues in a more diplomatic way.). Learning from our mistakes is essential for growing as a race in general. Had it not been for World War 2 the UN (United Nations) would have most likely not been formed and therefore our world would not feel the sense of unity that is present today. In terms of economic changes brought on by conflict or changes, had it not been for wars we would not gain items of value for the use of economic resources. Had the USA not gone over and improvised in Afghanistan they would have most likely lost what is estimated to have been one trillion dollars worth of oil. For this reason the Afghan War (2001 - Present) has been referred to as the “resource war”.  In terms of political change brought on by conflict or war, we as a society have learned many lessons of the importance of a strong political power which could in fact reduce the need for conflict or war. Had it not have been for the Vietnamese War (1959 - 1975), we would not have been shown the importance of international involvement from a single nation in order to assist a less fortunate nation. War has always, in the end, increased all nations sense of unity in some way. Had it not been for the Vietnamese War, America would still be in some state of singularity and arrogance. The loss in Vietnam for the Americans proved that even they the very powerful can be defeated; if...
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