Is Wal-Mart's Mission and Vision the Same as Stakeholders?

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  • Published : September 1, 2008
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Mission, vision, goals, and objective
Since it’s beginning in 1962 by Sam Walton , Wal-Mart has always been a company that has presented the image that they will go the extra mile for customer satisfaction. Wal-Mart has overcome difficult times by using many different tactics enabling them to grow and expand in times when most companies experienced hard times. Their Strategic Management is superb but even in their success the question that arises is: Are Wal-Mart's stated Mission, vision, goals, and objective aligned with the needs of their stakeholders? It is my opinion that the answer is “yes”. The two stakeholders I will focus on are one external stakeholder (customers) and one internal stakeholder (employees). Through the years Wal-Mart has had to restructure their business but they have done so efficiently, always changing and always growing but always making the consumer feel as if they are first. Their unique way of treating employees helps to make this company stand out. Their mission of “Saving people money so they can live better” was built on the philosophy of their founder, Sam Walton, who believed that associates should treat customers the way management should treat associates. Wal-Mart's goal to always supply their customers with great retail products at affordable prices along with a smile as well as always being of assistance is another reason they are able to stay ahead of their competition. Some of Wal-Mart's sustainable sources of competitive advantage lie largely in their goal to providing their customers with the "Everyday Low Prices" that they have grown to expect. Sam Walton called his philosophy the "3 Basic Beliefs". The first is defined as Respect for the individual, believing "Our people make the difference". No matter what color, background, or lifestyle, each employee is treated with respect. The second belief, Service to our customer, is explained as maintaining the lowest price and the best...
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