Is Using Unmanned Aerial Systems Ethical

Topics: Unmanned aerial vehicle, Technology, War Pages: 2 (779 words) Published: February 24, 2013
Is using Unmanned Aerial Systems Ethical?
Unmanned aerial systems have become today’s weapon of choice in counter-terrorism, but it raises difficult questions whether it is ethical or not to use these systems in times of war. Many people bring up the thoughts of unmanned aerial systems as being too expensive and not affective enough, but the military has proven otherwise by saving personnel lives and being able to be more precise than a small amount of pilots in the sky. Much more is accomplished when the pilot is several thousand miles away where many others have the chance to give their input on the mission. Not only has the use of droid technology be continued, but should be expanded to greater extents for technological advances that will be made in the near future. Since the beginning of time, war has been part of human life. Whether it is a small fist fight with someone or a full blown war between many countries, there has always been violence. Many disagree with war, and others feel it necessary to stay the most powerful country in the world. Casualties among those fighting have always been a problem, but in the technologically advanced world we live in, allows the brains to overrule the brawn. Engineers and scientist from around the world have been designing and building newer aircrafts called drones, or unmanned aerial vehicles called UAV’s. Not only have they saved lives, but also started a new way for surveillance and safety among everyone. Most of the UAV’s are equipped with cameras of some type, and are remotely operated and/or autonomous. They range anywhere in size from the five pound Raven, to the larger Predator which has a wingspan of 66 feet. The remotely operated vehicles allow the pilots to keep a safe distance from the target, and are much cheaper to build and operate than piloted aircrafts used by the majority of the military in today’s society. This raises many questions as to whether or not the UAV’s are safe due to a human not being in...
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