Is Tiger Woods a Good Role Model

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  • Published : September 14, 2012
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Is Tiger Woods Still a Good Role Model?

There has been some speculating on the news and with people as to whether Tiger Woods is still a good role model or not. Tiger does many things for people. Woods helps kid’s everyday with the Children’s Foundation. Woods has changed the sports world forever. Tiger is a success in many ways. There is no reason why anybody wouldn’t want to be in Tiger’s shoes. Tiger needs a second chance. Tiger Woods is a perfect role model.

Ever since the beginning of his career, Tiger Woods has been an impact on the world. Every kid has looked up to Tiger one way or another. When a person thinks of golf, Tiger pops up in their mind. Ever since Tiger started, fans have looked at Tiger as the best. The discipline, courage, and heart that Tiger shows are the best. Every child should use these values. These days there are not many positive role models like this to go around. Children need these kinds of people like Tiger. People can even go on “Role Models” on the web and find Tiger at the top of the list. Tiger Woods has definitely impacted not only children’s role models, but even the golfing world.

Tiger is thankful for everything also. Tiger says, “I owe a debt of gratitude to a lot of people who helped me attain my dreams, and I’m determined to help others. I take my responsibility as a role model very seriously. By positively influencing others, I believe I can make a difference. The smile on the faces of kids grateful to get a few minutes of instruction warms my heart. I am grateful to golf for giving me that feeling. In the big picture what truly matters is the lives we touch “(Woods 302). Tiger Woods is very playful around young golfers, differently then when playing in a tournament. From the beginning, Tiger’s story has been very touching and heartwarming.

Tiger is obligated to kids. Tiger feels that it is his mission to be a positive role model. This side of him shows. Tiger Woods has a learning foundation for kids ages...
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