Is This England ?

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  • Published : December 26, 2012
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Is This England ?

The film which is called “ This is England “ reflects the recent history of England perfectly. The opening sequence is important in representing the social, historical and cultural situation of England. The soundtracks we hear throughout the film were chosen deliberately to show the skinhead movement’s music interest which is 70s ska music. Even the fonts of the titles are written in army-like font to catch people’s eye into the Falkland Islands situation. Again, the opening part of the film includes important historical and social events such as the wedding of Prince Charles and Lady Diana, some strike and soldier images from TV archieves.

It can be clearly understood that England and her people have experienced a long and painful period. For instance, although the important events of that time are not shown obviously in the film, the director clearly states Margaret Thatcher’s role in glorifying the war so that the viewers can see when the state conducts violent wars abroad, they should not be surprised if violence occurs in the country. For this reason, the film supports the idea that as long as there are state-sponsored wars, there will be the people who are on the side of war.

As it is known, Falkland Islands have been a major problem for certain time between United Kingdom and Argentina. Falklands were ruled by the UK from 1893 to 1982 without cease until 1982 when Argentina invaded the islands, precipitating event for the war. Brits was the winner side while Military Government in Argentina was about to be abolished. As a result, the relations between the United Kingdom and Argentina were restored in 1989 under the umbrella formula which states that the islands’ sovereignty dispute would remain aside.

When looking back at the film, Shaun, whose father died in Falklands War, joins a popular movement who they call themselves “Skinheads”. He instantly changes his style and way of thinking. Briefly, he wants to be like them. Yet,...
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