Is There a Lucrative Market for Tiger Beer in China?

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  • Published : August 27, 2012
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Question: Is there a lucrative market for Tiger Beer in China? Research Process:
1. Define the research problem and establish research objectives. * Is there a lucrative market for Tiger Beer in China?
* How successful a foreigner beer brand can be in China?

2. Determine the sources of information to fulfill the research objectives. * Based on expert analysis (YouTube video: China Beer Production - Bloomberg) * Internet findings

3. Consider the costs and benefits of the research effort. * Costs: time
* Benefits: know whether Tiger Beer will be successful in China

4. Gather the relevant data from secondary or primary sources, or both. * Competitors:
* Tsingtao Brewery
One of the strongest beer brands in China, best marketing, looking to expand overseas, 1st Chinese company to start to export, in better competition with Heineken, Sapporo, etc. * Snow Beer
Largest producer by volume of beer, strong distribution, viewed as cheap beer, weak line marketing, unable to increase its prices. * Hangzhou Qiandaohu Beer Co., Ltd

* Harbin Beer
Increased its annual beer production capacity to over 1 million tons, listed in Hong Kong Stock Market, export to Europe and North America – but share markets considered minor as to compare with Tsingtao and Snow Beer, 4th largest brewery in China, leading position in Northeast China. * Yanjing Beer

One of the largest brewery in Asia, one of the largest beer manufacturers in China, produced 3.11million tons of beer in 2005. * Zhujiang Beer
One of 4 Chinese national beer brand –alongside Tsingtao, Snow Beer, and Yanjing-, 48000 bottles are consumed every hour, most successful at Southern part of China, exported to countries –Canada, France, Australia, US, Sweden, and UK-. * Beer is cheaper than water in many places of China.

* They drink large bottle of beer with every meal.
* According to expert in the video, China market...