Is There a God?

Topics: God, Existence of God, Atheism Pages: 2 (611 words) Published: April 17, 2013
Is there a God?

The problem with this question is, there is no definition of God, the perception of God is different in everyone's mind. This is the one question that every human being asks themselves. The ultimate question. A question with a million answers, therefore I cannot tell you the definition of God, as an Atheist I don't have a definition of God because I don't believe in any gods, every concept of God I've been presented with, I have rejected as baseless, if I make up my own definition all I'd be doing was believing in something I had made up. I see every stereotypical argument for God's existence to be inconsistent. How can God be Omni benevolent if he lets millions of creatures get savagely torn apart and eaten by creatures more powerful? Why does he let suffering and evil run rampant in the world? I'll be looking at arguments for and against in more detail.

Let's start with the arguments against God's existence, if God is the essence of equality and fairness, the all loving creator, why are some species far less significant and powerful than another species? Sure God wants diversity in his universe, but if they are completely eliminated by another species it's not very fair on the species that didn't stand a chance at life. Why do mutations exist where a fellow human being is born with something that hinders his existence, that doesn't sound very fair, obviously God doesn't want clones, but it's certainly not fair that one should be born blind and lack the ability to view "God's" creations, that one should be born into a place where the basic needs for survival are extremely limited where-as some are born into a wealthy family and have the ability to lead the life THEY want to lead. If god does exist why doesn't he create an expansive lake with water that is clean to drink in impoverished lands and make food abundant in these places? It's not affecting anyone's free-will, he's making the world a fairer place to live in, to make everyone equal...
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