Is There a Benefit to Going Off the Grid

Topics: Mobile phone, Time, Electronics Pages: 4 (1564 words) Published: May 28, 2012
Is there a Benefit for Going Off the Electronic Grid?
Going off the electronic grid would mean many different things to different people; we lead a fast paced life. With tablets, smartphones and computers, we can use the Internet to keep in touch with everyone, everywhere and every second of everyday. Using Twitter, LinkedIn, MySpace, Facebook and many other social networks, a person can take a picture and, within seconds, it can be on the Internet for the whole world to see. The Internet seduces us into a world of information that separates us from human contact by alienating us from physical activities and human contact. It is impossible for us to keep up with everything that is going on in the world at all times. This has created some very unique perspective on why people want to go off the electronic grid, if only for a day. This would include giving up things like Blackberry’s, laptops and cell phones. In today’s society it would be hard to imagine not going on to the Internet or checking email every day. This is a HUGE problem. Most of us panic if we can’t find our cell phone for more than two minutes. The panic is caused because we are afraid of the amount of information that we might lose or miss. We have become so attached to electronic devices and the instant gratification that they provide through the information flow that we feel at times that they are physically a part of us. A part of us that is as important as our eyesight or hearing. Could one imagine going off of the grid for a day, or even much longer? Can you imagine missing a best friend’s birthday on Facebook? That can be an incredibly stressful event. If a person has enough of these stressful events, it may cause them to want to go entirely off the electronic grid for even longer than a day. Exploring going AWOL for an even longer period of time would raise some unique questions. One of them being: what situations would make a person want to go off the electronic grid for a longer period...
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