Is There Nowhere Else Where We Can Meet

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  • Published : April 5, 2013
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Rawan Ibrahim Hassan

Short Story (1)

2st assignment

‘Roselily ‘

Alice Walker

This was an amazing piece of work to read. It is about an African – American woman who has three children and has already giving birth to a fourth one but left him with his dad because he has a good job. She is about to get married to a Muslim man. But she wasn’t sure if she took the right decision. She thought of her past and the future she is going to live and how her life is about to change. She doesn’t love the man she is getting married to, she loves his pride, blackness and his grey car. She thinks she loves the effort he will make to redo her into what she really wants.

One of the most important themes that were discussed in the story is religion. As I mentioned before that the story is about a woman who is getting married to a Muslim man. And she doesn’t know too much about his religion and she pictures Islam as a restrict religion but this is not right I disagree with Alice Walker point of view because Islam gave the women freedom long time ago; even though Muslims wear head covers and separated from men but that don’t mean they are not free. They are allowed to work, speak and participate in the society.

1- Who is the antagonist in the story?

2- What is the importance of the title?

3- What are the importances of the italicized words?
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