Is the U.S Food Supply Safe?

Topics: Cancer, Growth hormone, Reproductive system Pages: 4 (1367 words) Published: May 14, 2013

1.) Hormones- are chemicals that are naturally produced in the bodies of all animals, including humans. 2.) Diethylstilbestrol(DES)- the cancer causing anti-miscarriage drug, in two shipments of American beef. 3.) Estrogen- Any of several major female sex hormones produced primarily by the ovarian follicles of female mammals, capable of inducing estrus, developing and maintaining secondary female sex characteristics, and preparing the uterus for the reception of a fertilized egg: used, especially in synthetic form, as a component of oral contraceptives, in certain cancer treatments, and in other therapies. 4.) Phytoestrogens- any of various plant compounds which have oestrogenic properties 5.) Oestrogenic- any of the several steroid hormones, that are secreted chiefly by the ovaries and placenta, that induces oestrus, stimulus changes in the female reproductive organs during the oestrus cycle, and promote development of female secondary sexual characteristics. 6.) Carcinogen- any substance or agent that tends to produce a cancer. 7.) rBGH- recombinant bovine growth hormone.

8.) Food and drug Administration(FDA)- a federal agency responsible or monitoring trading and safety standards in the food and drug industries. | Bibliography |

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