Is the Use Torture Ever Justified?

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Is the Use Torture Ever Justified?

According time in the follow Asian, Middle East and other countries have used torture as a tool of murder for over two thousand years. Dictators believed that torture is a way to rule their country. “Is torture ever justified?” this question was asked on ABC News in 2004. In that poll sixty three percent of respondent believed that torture should be abolished, thirty one percent agreed with torture but with limits, and seven percent agree torture without limits. In another recent poll over the world, fifty-nine percent of respondents didn’t agree with torture, thirty percent accept torture with limits and thirteen percent allow torture. The majority of people polled believe that torture is wrong thing, so society ejected torture. In my opinion, this attitude is not wise. I agree that it is unacceptable to use torture indiscriminately in anywhere, because it related to Human Rights. But there are some special cases; torture is not only allowed but also essential. I stand on accept torture with limits side. There are situations in which torture is not only accepted morally but also people have to that. Torture with limits is acceptable.

Before going into problem, we need to understand “torture.” What does torture mean? Torture is action of using severe physical or mental pain to pain to get information from an individual, obtains a confession or revenge. There are many kinds of torture to die, such as the Brazen Bull, victims are placed inside the brazen bull with fire around, and there is a complex system of tubes to make victim’s scream sound like a bull. Impalement is the most common way; a tube is pushing from anal to mouth of victims. The Spanish Donkey, which gave victims an unimagined horrible ride; victims is put astride, naked on wooden triangle wedge on top. They were brought two heavy irons on their feet. Finally, the victim's own weight and the extra irons cause the wedge to slice through their bodies,...
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