Is the United States Falling Apart

Topics: United States, Martin Luther King, Jr., Vietnam War Pages: 4 (1457 words) Published: April 9, 2013
Just Another Phase In an American World
From time to time the world appears to be trying to collapse onto itself with the force of a dying star. Civil wars, revolutions, genocide, pandemics, and constant threats of war are things that can be seen almost every day on the evening news. Despite not having to deal with problems close to that magnitude, Americans these days enjoy pretending they have things pretty rough too. Politicians constantly debate and bicker about the United States growing pile of debt, it’s education system, and senseless acts of violence that happen periodically in the country. Because these dreary subjects are usually the only thing the news reports on, it can appear to the viewer that the country is actively tearing itself apart. In reality, every generation throughout American history has had struggles that it has faced and overcome. This new generation is no exception. In the 1800s there was slavery and labor reform. In the early 1900s there was women’s suffrage and widespread poverty that shifted people’s view of government. In the 1950s there was cold-war tension and in the 60s’ there was racial violence and a draft war. Now, ever since 1990, America’s problem has been competing with the world in K-12 education, the rise of other countries, and national economics. America has a long standing tradition of overcoming and adapting to problems. Past generations have proven it is one of the things the United States of America does best. America is not falling apart. Instead, it is going through yet another change that it is sure to overcome. America is evolving just like it has countless times in its short yet rich history.

America constantly goes through times where it appears as if it is falling apart. Take the 1960s for example. Violent racism ran rampant, war against the globalization of communism raged, and a presidential assassination caused panic and uncertainty across the nation. However, a giant step in America’s...
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