Is the Television Is a Good Invention?

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  • Published : December 10, 2012
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Argument Essay
Is Television a good invention?
Watching television has become the most popular activity for families. Although there are good programs, there are some people who dislike television and believe it is the worst invention. In many ways, television has proved to be one of the worst inventions of modern times. All too often, television is harmful because of the shows it broadcasts and the way it is used in the home. First, heavy TV viewing leads to a poor school performance and a more sedentary life. I have proven from my own experiences that children and adults, who spend more time watching TV, spend less time developing their skills and interacting with others, playing outdoors or doing exercise. Also children, who watch television late at night, don’t pay attention very well in the class. My 8-year-old cousin gets very distracted while she does her homework and the television is on. She can’t stay focus on what she is doing, even though her mom explains her over and over. Meanwhile, adults also get distracted with the programming being broadcast. On my own experience sometimes I get distracted when I watch sometimes television. On the other hand, television programs have also positive things. There are learning shows and history shows that are educational content. My one year old baby loves to watch baby Einstein, and Elmo, in my opinion she learns the ABCs and the numbers with this program. Since she gets entertained by these programs, I take advantage of doing my chores at home. Little kids build a strong relationship that parents can control while they are growing up. I remember my father had a “parental control” for our TV, this choice can lock those programs that parents believe aren’t educational for their children. Now days, this a perfect strategy parents have so they can control what their children watch and the times they watch it. Last but not least, television can develop addiction and this can lead to severe health problems....
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