Is the Scarlet Letter a Proto Feminist Novel>

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  • Published : January 30, 2013
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Jennifer Drawdy
American Literature
3rd period
February 21, 2012
"Is The Scarlet Letter a Proto Feminist Novel?"

“Is The Scarlet Letter a Proto Feminist Novel?”
The Scarlet Letter is a very well-known novel, between the scandals and lies. It starts off with a woman named Hester Prynne. Hester decides to leave her husband behind to migrate to Boston. A couple years later, Hester gives birth to a baby girl named Pearl in prison. Hester refused to reveal the father of Pearl. The town then forces Hester to wear a scarlet letter "A" upon her dress. This stands for adultery. When the town briefly allows Hester out of prison, they force her to stand on a scaffold to show her sin. While this is all going on, Hester’s' husband shows up in the crowd and asks why Hester was on the scaffold. The person then replies she committed adultery. Hester's husband then decides to tell the town he is a physician, and changes his name to Roger Chillingworth. Chillingworth suspects Arthur Dimmesdale to be the father of Pearl. For seven years, Chillingworth seized to ruin Dimmesdale. Hester realizes what her husband has caused. Dimmesdale and Hester then plan to move to New England and create a new life together. Dimmesdale does not go through with the plan. He decides to stand upon the scaffold and show the town the scarlet letter "A" carved into his chest. To admit to his sin just like Hester has done. Dimmesdale and Chillingworth die a year apart, leaving Pearl a great fortune. Hester and Pearl then move out of New England to escape the shame. A few years later, Hester decides to move back to New England to resume wearing the scarlet letter "A" on her own free will. Hester ends up dying years later and buried near Dimmesdale. "On a field, sable, the letter A, gules" was engraved into Hester's gravestone. (Shoomp Editorial Team, pars. 1-3)

There are many different symbols in The Scarlet Letter novel. For example, the letter "A" changes...
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