Is the Internet Making Us Dumber

Topics: World Wide Web, Web search engine, 20th century Pages: 1 (296 words) Published: March 6, 2013
The twenty-first century is defined as a digital world. Technology has taken over our present lives. It does not in any way resemble our past lives. Societies all over the world managed to master these technologies and make the best out of them and so far one could argue they have been successful. However one cannot deny that downsides do exist. People today are unable to extract themselves from the internet and all the technologies that come along with it. The Internet is definitely a complex tool, a tool that has ultimately changed the world and its population. The entire world is rapidly becoming obsessed with it and dependent on it. Wherever one looks, one is bound to see something related with the Internet. The blooming of this 20th century technology has led a lot of people to be critical of it. Although there are a lot of aspects to the Internet, this paper will specifically focus on how the Internet has revolutionized children’s traditional learning and intelligence, and will explain how the internet makes children both smarter and dumber at the same time.

Technologies have affected deeply how people learn. The invention of the computer as well as the Internet has, in many ways, offered new ways of learning. Today, children can learn by surfing the Internet and more particularly by “googling” the information needed. Google has succeeded in making the Internet a far more efficient informational medium. Google’s search engine has been engineered to produce better results as the web grows and thereby offer children information needed for their education or for their personal leisure. Without its search engine, and the other engines that have been built on its model, the Internet would have long ago become a Tower of Digital Babel.
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