Is the Internet Good or Bad.

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  • Published: June 4, 2007
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Is The Internet As Bad As People Think?

The internet as we all know is probably the most useful resource known to man in this day of age. Not only is the internet easy to access its easy to use. Nearly everyone owns a computer and nearly all of which have access to the internet. But isn't that a good thing? Millions of people having the ability to access and share all the information anybody could ever want. The internet can be used for a number of things such as:

Finding and or sharing information
Sending messages to friends or family
Chatting to people
Playing games and killing time
And much more

But can having this kind of power be a bad thing. I believe that in some cases it is and the internet can be highly dangerous if it is abused or used in the wrong hands. This is because the internet as much of a benefit it may be does have the potential to put other people at risk for anything from physical to psychological harm. People can use the internet to perform illegal activities such as: Cyberstalking

ID theft
White-collar fraud
Creation of illegal objects or substances
Even though the internet leaves innocent people a potential victim for these crimes I think that having the internet and the advantages it brings is most certainly worth the risk. Some people may not agree as people can be robbed of their money or even killed with children as predominant targets. But what are these crimes and how can this affect me.

What is Cyberstalking?:
According to cyberstalking is the act of stalking someone via the means of electronic devices. This incudes online threatening and or harassing behaviour that an individual engages in repeatedly. This is in most cases potentially dangerous only if someone manages to get a hold of your email address otherwise this form of harassment isn't really that much of a problem . If someone is harassing you in a chat room simply leave. I don't...
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