Is the Dog or Cat Better? Argument Essay.

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  • Published : February 27, 2011
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Nose wet, eyes pleading, and tongue drooping out their mouth, a dog has been loyal all day, waiting for that precious moment when their master walks through the door. Hoping on his two front paws with joy, Toby greets his human with enough enthusiasm to make anyone’s day. Letting a yip of excitement pass through his canine teeth, Toby makes his presence known; he has been waiting all day. On the other hand there is Sadie the Cat, she licks her hind leg, stretched in some obscene position that makes the regular person cringe. She barely realizes when her human enters the room, and if there is no tuna present, it’s a flick of the tail, and she is off on another adventure in the great unknown. Dogs and Cats have been the topic of debate for centuries, and many people have questioned which animal would be more appropriate to introduce into their home. These arch rivals have such stark differences that define their nature, and provide the evidence that may show the better of the two.

Toby has had a rough day. He woke up at 6:00 a.m. to lick the teenage daughter awake, and then begged for bacon and eggs under the table. Paws on the chair in front of him and puppy eyes slowly emerging from underneath the table cloth, this assertive dog will not take no for an answer. Receiving his trifle, Toby bounds to the door to say goodbye to his adopted children. After cleaning the floor and chairs of any food scrapes and asserting his dominance around the fortress walls by pissing the invaders away, Toby awakes from his mid day nap to find with joy that the kids have returned to the castle! Leaping with passion, Toby chases his new ball to the other side of the creek, and gets a thorn in his paw. Yelping and crying from this new agony pulsing through his foot, Toby’s adopted children take him to the mother, where his pain is eased. A long day of frolicking in the yard and munching on left-overs is coming to a close and as Toby rests on his master’s bed, he shuts his droopy...
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