Is the Claim of White Skin Privilege a Myth?

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  • Published : November 14, 2012
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Is the Claim of White Skin Privilege a myth?
As a whole, minorities from all religions, races, and sexualities have reached numerous high points in life. These high points have resulted in the establishment and entitlement to minorities having the same rights as whites. However, the right of blacks as in being equal is always up for debate. Statistics show and prove that for every dollar a white household brings in, a black household only brings in 61 cents. Some people like to say that the white household is more skilled or has a higher education, however, this is not the case in most situations. These facts can be accurately traced back to the issue of discrimination against blacks. Most people agree that this type of discrimination is seen frequently but never spoken of. Why are there different meanings of this word for different races, if the foundation of our country established as everyone is equal? What do these rights actually mean, and if most people pay these rights absolutely no attention at all, why are these rights even in place? Focusing on the topics of white benefits, white denial, and a personal opinion, in this essay will I will explain to the reader the question, “Is the claim of white skin privilege a myth?” Referring to the author from the first passage, Paul Kivel, “ The reality of privilege is so embedded within the dominant group that to recognize and admit its reality is alien to most whites.” As a whole, white people in the United States do not recognize the fact that they have different right to this day. They just realize the effects that most benefit themselves. The benefits that white people receive are coveted by numerous people all over the globe. Many people around the world sacrifice their customs, beliefs, and languages, just so they can have these benefits. It has been proven that whites have thrived in many parts of life just for exploiting and manipulating people of color. Why would someone risk their own culture in order...
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