Is the American Dream Still Alive?

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  • Published : April 24, 2011
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College Writing 1

16 March 2011

America’s Social Economics

Is the American dream still alive for most Americans, or is it a myth? Do Americans have the ability to move up the economic ladder? The unfortunate thing about this question is if this dream is a myth, then what do future generations of Americans grasp as their dream? The truth about the economic outlook for most Americans is they are probably going to remain in the same class they were born into, whether that is the lower, middle or wealthy class. If a person is raised by wealthy parents, has access to the best education and is exposed to a world where the affluent reign, it is usually no mistake that these individuals become a product of that world. On the other hand, when a person grows up surrounded by poverty, only has access to an education system where the primary goal is to get students to finish high school before he or she quits, then these young adults futures may be inescapable. The path people take in life is many times a reflection of their environment. The profiles of people depicted in the essay “Class in America” by Gregory Mantsios are clearly projected down paths that are almost predetermined from birth. Profile number 1 describes a gentleman named Harold S. Browning. Mr. Browning is the son of a wealthy industrialist and a socialite. He attended the finest private schools, was exposed to the arts and traveled the world from a very young age. He had tutors and participated in many activities that are only available to the wealthy who can afford them. His ambition was to lead people i.e. take over his father’s company or be the President of the United States. Profile number 2 describes a gentleman named Bob Farrell. Mr. Farell is the son of a machinist and a retail clerk. He attended public schools his whole life, played basketball and handball after school at a local park. His ambition was to make it...
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