Is the America Dream Possible?

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  • Published : October 31, 2012
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Synthesis Essay: Is the American Dream Possible?

America was, and still is by some, known as the land where dreams become reality. ”The traditional American Dream is based on the belief that hardworking citizens can better their lives, pay their monthly bills without worry, give their children a start to an even better life and still save enough to live comfortably after they retire.” Point of views can be made to support and challenge this, however, the true solution to the American dream is hard work and motivation. This being said, those that are given these chances and choose not to take them to advantage can only find fault from within themselves. The American dream can be possible to the poor, the tired and huddled masses if the opportunity presents itself and they’re willing to work for it.  

             Hard work will always led to some sort of success or satisfaction, but not everyone is given the chance to complete their goals. In the poem “Ellis Island”, Joseph Bruchac writes about “dreams of forests and meadows waiting for those who’d worked a thousand years yet never owned their own.” Through this he means that other nations could not provide the same possibilities that America can. By attacking his homes reputation, the author agrees that America is the answer to the immigrant’s dreams. Bruchac also speaks of “lands invaded when the earth became owned.” Through this he expresses his disappointment of the nation that had answered his dreams. By achieving his goal of coming to America he had indirectly been the cause of taking the Native Americans land to make room for the new immigrants.

Many Americans can achieve their goal of having the typical “American Dream” if they have the right dreams in their life. In Dan Rathers essay “They Live the Dream”, he wrote about Eileen Collins dream of flying but unfortunately her family didn’t have much money, so “Collins saved up for lessons, and she had enough by the time she attended community...
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