Is That so (a Narative Analysis)

Topics: Lie, Emotion, Sociology Pages: 2 (599 words) Published: March 27, 2013
In your journal, briefly provide the following information about the narrative: Structure: Simple
Narrator(s): Identify the narrator(s) who tell(s) the story in the narrative. 1. 3rd person
2. The narrator is all-knowing.
3. He is not an active character in the story ,but knows what is going on in the minds of the characters. 4. Is the narrator reliable or unreliable? Why can you or why can you not trust the narrator's telling of the tale? Is the narrator unreliable because s/he is simply uninformed or naive, or does the narrator intentionally try to mislead you? The narrator is reliable and trustworthy. Due to the context of the story ,everything the narrator says is straight forward. There are hardly any twists or turns in the story given the length of the story. Characters:

hakuin 1.
Japanese Girl 2.
Parents 4.
Baby 3.
Neighbors 5.
Fishmarket Worker 6.
General locations: Hakuin's home, Japanese Girl's home, market General time: 1700's
specific times: ?n/a
Important Storyline or Plot Elements: Pregnancy, overbearing parents, lying, believe the lie, immaturity. Meaning or Significance of the Narrative: Interpret the narrative on the following levels: Authorial or Textual Intent: Message or Moral / Purpose

People shouldn't lie.
Other Levels of Interpretation or Response:
Inferential Meanings (reading between the lines)
People should learn to be more humble and follow the way of Zen. Hakuin wasn't hindered by the girls lying. He basically took the attitude of “it is what it is”. Personal-Psychological Meanings: What does the text reveal about humanity through the emotional/psychological condition of the characters? “Is That So?” displays a wide range of different human emotions and conditions. The young girl relates to our tendency to lie to save our dignity. We often do not think about other people. Our lies may hurt someone else indirectly. Hakuin shows an opposite side of emotions , showing us that we should be humble and accept...
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