Is Super Size Me Convincing?

Topics: Nutrition, Super Size Me, McDonald's Pages: 3 (1229 words) Published: September 29, 2008
Is Super Size Me convincing?
Super Size Me is unarguably a convincing bit of work. In no way can the data be argued as flawed or skewed. The methodology was simple and straightforward – eat nothing but McDonald’s food for every meal for an entire month – if it is not on the menu, it is not on the diet. I was amazed by how quickly Spurlock’s body started to respond to the vile poison he was pumping into his system. In just thirty days Spurlock gained over twenty pounds! Nearly a pound per day, that is just incredible. His BMI sky rocketed as well his body fat percentage shot up nearly twenty percent. The doctors were certain that if he did not end the experiment immediately, he would have caused irreparable damage to his body.

Using the rhetorical triangle, we can illustrate how the documentary utilizes the three points of logos, ethos, and pathos in order to establish a well founded, credible, and effective argument. Without the use of the rhetorical triangle, trying to create a well founded, credible account of anything would be difficult. One could argue that if an argument lacks any part of the rhetorical triangle, the argument is incomplete, and has no credibility or effectiveness. The rhetorical triangle provides the structure; the frame of a well thought out and well presented meaningful argument. And by doing so – using the rhetorical triangle, on can create a nearly foolproof reasoning and support for something they believe or support. This is what Spurlock has done here.

The message; the appeal to ethos – the argument, the reason, data, evidence, and structure. The documentary uses simple, straightforward scientific methods to gather, collect, and analyze the data obtained from the study. Spurlock does this in order to get the message to people that eating nothing but fast food all of the time is terribly detrimental to your body. Your health suffers, and can even affect you mentally. Throughout the movie, he provides a simple...
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