Is Summer Reading Really Necessary?

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  • Published : October 11, 2012
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“Is Summer Reading really necessary?”

Towards the end of the School year many students begin to look forward to their 3 month Summer vacation. It’s the time where they can hang out with friends, laugh and catch up with some sleep. One thing students don’t look forward to is an 8 letter word that makes them sough, homework. The Summer Reading in Port Richmond High School requires students to read 2 books and create a journal for each one. Some students believe Summer Reading is necessary while others don’t.  School Librarian, Mrs.Makler said “I believe [Summer Reading] is important [because it will] keep the students mind engaged during the Summer.”  While one student who chose to remain anonymous said “It’s completely unnecessary, that’s why we have school, it’s my summer vacation, it’s time to relax and vacate. Not time to do homework.” When students were asked if they did their Summer Reading some answers were very surprising while others seemed reasonable. “[I did my homework] because I had no choice and wouldn’t be able to pass the test when they give it in the beginning of the school year” said Aida Sproul from the Leader Ship house. Aisha E.Carson, a Gateway senior also replied saying “No, I had a summer job and I was more focused on that [and less] on books that were uninteresting.” There were few students who simply said they “had no money”. However when reminded that the libraries were open every day and money wasn’t a problem. One student replied “If I have no money for a book, what makes you think I have money for a metro card” while another replied “I was too lazy some days and too busy on the days I wasn’t” Whether financial or not there were other excuse to why students didn’t read their books. “I only read a part of the book because it didn’t interest me at all. I read the first few pages and closed the book” said a Gateway senior. Another student mentioned how they disliked the Summer Reading because they wanted to read a book that they...
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