Is Social Networking Harmful Than Good?

Topics: Facebook, MySpace, Social network service Pages: 2 (778 words) Published: April 27, 2013
Eenhana - “I have been there, done that, saw and conquered……”  This phrase is usually used by parents when advising children. The battle between modernity and tradition has always taken centre stage in human existence since time immemorial.  Now the fight has taken a deadly twist with technology providing a new field for this generation and old battle. Social networks have become part of everyday life, especially for teenagers. When the phrase, “if butterfly flaps its wings in Japan, a hurricane will happen on the coasts of Florida,” was no less true when it was coined in the early 1960s than it is today. The world has indeed shrunk.  Events, no matter how small they might seem whether political, social or economical, might have far-reaching consequences on another place, thanks to social media. Some say social networks have brought harm than good, and a lot of children now spend too much time on Facebook, Skype and Twitter and it’s now where they meet their friends and future lovers. “I can safely say gone are the days when we would read letters and run around with postage stamps because now its all “Whatsapp”, says Melisa Ndakondja (16) from Eenhana Senior Combined School adding that the social media allows people to voice what they want. A teacher at a local government school, Patrick Tulipamwe says what is wrong with social media is that there is no parental control.  “As good as this might seem, social networks are proving to have negative consequences for our children today.  If children’s everyday life is structured around a constant stream of posts, comments and tweets, it becomes a social hazard,” says Tulipamwe Issues like cyber bulling, online predators, reputation damage and inappropriate content are all unfortunate realities of social networking.  In this regard, it is therefore wise for parents alike to know what their children are doing online. Annakie Haufeni, a final year student in the Information Technology course with IOL institute at...
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