Is Social Networking Enhancing Critical Thinking and Writing Skills?

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  • Published : June 10, 2008
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Over the years, online social networking has become more popular. While some think it a waste of time, those participating are actually improving much needed skills. Propositioning this is an educational path, enriching not only social and creative behaviors, but also writing and thinking skills, in most cases would be unthinkable. Researching this subject proves this proposition correct. “A “blog” is a web-based multimedia publishing system that is free, easy to use, customizable to content, look, and feel. Each site has its targeted audience and they are hyper linked to other content spread across the internet.” (Cameron & Anderson, 2006) There are over two hundred million active blogs, used as tools to create and sustain a community of inquiry. Communication in blogs allows participants an opportunity to project themselves, not only socially but also creatively. Communication in blogs allows the persons involved a chance to explore or research the subject before replying. In which case the out come is a more logical and advanced response. Reading, researching, and reflecting before writing, will contribute to well informed, readable, post. There have been surveys taken year after year, on students using social networking sites. 16% of these students “use online tools to create and share compositions that are more sophisticated than simple art and stories.” Of those surveyed 13% use networking for basic online authoring and creative processes. While another 9% of these students surveyed, create online surveys, quizzes, and polls. (Good, 2007) One of the most basic and regular topics of conversation on the social network for students is education. Homework helpers, online tutors, and peers, seem to take up over 63% of the blog sites that students use. Leading researchers have commented, Students using social networking sites, “seem to have an extraordinary set of traditional and 21st century...
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