Is Shakespeare Relevant or Not Relevant to Todays Society

Topics: Romeo and Juliet, Youth, William Shakespeare Pages: 2 (511 words) Published: May 24, 2013
Is Shakespeare Relevant or not Relevant that is the Question? The works of William Shakespeare are world renowned and thought to high school students around the globe. William Shakespeare was a 16 century poet and play write; because of this many people argue that his works are not relevant in today’s modern society. Elements such as, young loves at the ages of 13 are used in his plays. These themes were realistic in the context of the time but are much unknown in today’s society. I believe that although there are many elements that are much unknown to today’s society, Shakespeare is still very relevant and useful in today’s high school curriculum. Shakespeare’s most famous play Romeo and Juliet’s main theme is love and hate. The play uses the theme in an enjoyable but sad story and explores the subject deeply and teaches what is right and wrong and shows the tragedies of what could happen. Young love is experienced by all youth and needs to be taught and explained to our youth to prevent them from going too far to things as bad as teen pregnancy. William Shakespeare’s plays, especially “Romeo and Juliet” explore young love in its storyline. The issue is dealt with in a typical manner at first with the characters falling in love and because of the cultural age of the story the characters are ridiculously young in comparison to what would be considered acceptable in today’s society. As the story progresses the couple become more and more in love and intertwined in each other’s life and even make love. When the story takes an unexpected turn and one of them is banished from the town and a plan is devised to get him back, something goes wrong in the process of carrying out the plan and the couple are so young and unable to control their emotions that they end up committing suicide because of a simple misunderstanding. This story, when are familiarised with, will teach the youth how dangerous and scary a young person who is unable to control his newly found...
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