Is Second Life Ready for Business

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Is Second Life Ready for Business

By | December 2010
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Is Second Life Ready for Business? Case Study
March 20, 2010

1. Introduction
Second Life is one of the prosperous communities built based on web 2.0 technology. It won the 59th Annual Technology & Engineering Emmy Awards for user generated contents based websites in 2008. The 3D world is a revolutionized idea for viable online platform for MMOG, business and social networking. The platform is successfully used for education, training, entertainment, ecommerce, etc. This case discusses Second Life as virtual community. It also highlights the business opportunities it offers for investors as business platform and the challenges and critiques.

2. Second Life
Second Life is a user created 3D virtual community hosted on the Internet on 23 Jun 2003. The website was founded by Linden Lab which was founded in San Francisco in 1999. The founder, Philip Rosedale, believed in building a revolutionary virtual world where its residents can foster creativity, interactively participate, and connect with others from around the globe using individual and collective resources transparently and openly in a dynamic shifting terrain (Culture n.d.). The website supports different languages: English, Japanese, French, Italian, Spanish, Portuguese and Dutch. Linden Lab has also partners developing portals or gateways to Second Life such as “Mainland Brazil” and “SERA Korea” for Brazilian and Korean language speakers. The website also supports different character sets and the use of machine translation that allow communication between residents speaking different languages (Second Life n.d.). Communication among residents takes place with the use of instant messages or voice chat. Society Although Second Life exists on one grid called Agni, it has two age differentiated grids: adults for those who are 18 or above and teens for those between 13 and 17. Linden Lab published its adult policy on 15 Sep 2009. This separation is to avoid children abuse, sexual...

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