Is Science a Boon or Curse

Topics: Incandescent light bulb, Fluorescent lamp, Compact fluorescent lamp Pages: 2 (435 words) Published: October 16, 2010
There is a drastic change in the lives we are leading today and that we had 10 years ago. Science has changed the face of the world with great advancements being made in every field. But we all know that everything has both pros and cons. The most suitable example that can be quoted here is that of the traditional light bulbs.

These incandescent light bulbs, though helped the world coming out of darkness but they are constantly destroying the environment.

After a lot of research, scientists came out with one good alternative option to these traditional light bulbs. CFL( compact fluorescent light bulbs) are much more energy efficient and do not have any negative effect on the environment like the traditional bulbs. But in spite of knowing all the benefits of these CFL's, people are still not limiting the use of those harmful traditional bulbs.

We all know that lighting plays a very important part in our lives. Around 15% of the total electricity produced is used to provide sufficient light. And from this 15% a major part is wasted as it is consumed by the inefficient incandescent bulbs. Since, today there is a great usage of lighting fixtures everywhere, the increased use of incandescent bulbs is adding to climatic destruction like global warming.

The major disadvantage of traditional light bulbs is that, they are not at all energy efficient sources and are also effecting the eco system. In addition to that the light produced is too dim. So, these reasons should be sufficient for anyone to limit their usage and help protect the environment as finally we would be the sufferers.

According to a research, an incandescent bulb converts only 5% of the energy consumed into light wasting the rest of it whereas a CFL, can almost produce the same amount of light as the energy consumed so saving up to 80% of energy. So, it is clearly evident that CFL is a far better option than the traditional bulbs.

CFL's apart from being energy efficient sources, live for...
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