Is School Trying to Make Us Fail or What?

Topics: Education, Homework, Teacher Pages: 4 (1206 words) Published: May 1, 2013
Is school trying to make us fail or what?

That word.
That one word which makes most students procrastinate.
That one word which teachers are constantly throwing around at the end of every lesson. The word?


It may be considered helpful and profound to some people but what is it that makes homework so unappealing and harmful? Maybe it’s the length of time you consume out of your free time or the thought of doing even more work after a tiresome day at school.

Many students are complaining about getting too much school work, that there are too many subjects to focus on, that concentrating on several subjects at once to full perfection is physically impossible with how much time you acquire. Clearly too much studying can lead to stress which could alter your actual goals for the subjects.

However, isn’t that the point? Is it not that the homework concept suppose to challenge the students to know for sure what capabilities the student holds and what limits they can reach? Yes! In fact the teachers are studying the students too, to understand the idea of what level every student should be suited with although they can be tougher as expected just as it should be, challenging. ‘Without experiencing through any pain there would be no gain.’ This means physically and mentally.

Still, who’s to blame for the failures that occur every often when dealing with not just homework but tests, essays, exams, course works even more than that the GCSE courses! The teacher’s to blame or the student?

Learning and self-teaching is where you truly learn how to understand a subject. My maths teacher in yr 7 was horrible, so I had to teach myself just about everything I could and that was through homework and reading the texts books. But then I couldn’t keep this up because it involves a lot of determination which kind of shrunk and got dissolved by each day.

Before jumping to conclusions the main problem between the student and the teacher is that they...
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