Is School Still Relevant?

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Is school still relevant in today’s life?
* By Enrico Coleman

A wise man once said, “The only object of education is to prepare the young to educate themselves throughout their lives.” These were the words of Robert M Hutchins, an educational philosopher, who lived throughout the 20th century. Thus, one can’t help to wonder, is school still necessary in today’s life where technology seems to rule our lives? Is the famous “Google” or “Yahoo answers” becoming a replacement for teachers and classrooms?

School has a great importance in society. Although many don’t see the purpose it holds, it is the most basic form of education a child receives; other than that from their parents. Well, some may ask why education is important. Why do I need education when I can learn to do things myself? The answer to all these questions is quite clear. Education is the knowledge of putting one’s potentials to maximum use; therefore, it is important in life! The training of a mind is not complete without education and it makes a man a right thinker. It teaches a man how to think and how to make and take decisions. Well, let’s start talking reality. What is school really about? Is it all worth it?

I personally don’t hate school. I know many who do though. So what is school life all about? It is all about laying the foundation of our education. It is an institution where we learn to read and write. School can transform a child into a literate individual. It is a place where goals and dreams are created and once a child leaves school, can set to soar higher in life. School is a place where friendships are created, trust is formed and responsibilities are aligned. Almost every day we face the same questions. Why would we need trigonometry or algebra in life? How will such a headache possibly contribute to my life? Mostly all of the teachers have the same response, “Stop arguing and just do your homework. Complaining won’t help you pass your exams.” Well, all’s well that...
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