Is Romeo a Hero?

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  • Published : November 28, 2005
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Why is Romeo a hero?

A hero is a character that embodies key traits valued his or her society. For instance, General Lee is considered a hero, because he stood, against all odds, for his state. General Grant, likewise, is a hero, because he was successful in ending the Civil War. In this sense, Romeo is not a hero. On the contrary, he is an idiot. He is so, because he lacks responsibility; is disrespectful of authority; and arrogant. Romeo lacks responsibility, because when he murder Tybalt he said it's not my fault. He is disrespectful of authority, because the Prince of Verona told him to leave Verona to which offer Romeo declined. His arrogance is by the above examples, plus his treatment of Rosaline and Juliet. To wit, he first cast his heart on one and then the other. If a hero is defined as a flawed, but lovable and unforgettable character, Romeo succeeds admirably His devil-may-care attitude concerning his heart; his Don Quote response to the odds against him; and his undying, if brief affection for Juliet makes him flawed, lovable, and unforgettable. Had he lived, I am sure he would have left Juliet eventually and would have been consider an arch-cad.

Why are the Capulets at fault for the deaths of Romeo and Juliet?

They abdicated their parental responsibility. The Capulets are at fault, because they failed to realize the depths of passion which burn in a young, immature girl. Instead of being high-handed by simply forbidding this young women from seeing her beau, they should have tried to dissuade her or sent her away. Every girl in the world has some smart-talking, wise guy trying to sweep her off her feet, at the least.

Why is Friar Lawrence at fault for the death of Romeo and Juliet?
Friar Lawrence shows the folly interceding in manners to which an individual does not have knowledge. A grown man should not bow to the whims of a child, unless of course it is an English teacher raising the grade of his student. Whereas he...
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