Is Religion Man-Made?

Topics: Bible, Christianity, Religious text Pages: 2 (847 words) Published: March 13, 2013
Christianity and the Church Exposed
In our days, when a child is born, he is taught by his parents, who were taught by their parents, to be a good follower and believer to his God. This is how we all see things when we are young. We learn to be a good person, following the bible’s commands, and then when we die, we will get our chance to go to the heavens along with God, were our eternal life begins. But when we grow older we start to see things more logically. And then some of us realize that it’s all a clever joke. First things first. Believers are convinced by unexplained phenomena that happen continuously every day. They connect them with religion and they call them miracles. For, example when I was young I was often told about modern day miracles of people surviving near-death experiences, coming back from the afterlife and being cured from deadly diseases. Recently, I decided to research about these miracles. I did not find a thing. Instead, I found other stories of miracles, very similar to the ones I’ve heard. If a man came back from the dead, if he was saved by Jesus himself, wouldn’t be that a widely known story? Most miracles are just stories created by man, often told to kids in order to make them believe in God. In some serious cases they are created by the Church, in order to gain more supporters and believers, making them even more powerful. If a man disobeys the rules of the bible, according to Christianity, he might go to hell. If he had done terrible things, and is scared about his “life-after-death”, he can share his unholy confessions with a priest, who will ask God to forgive him for his sins. Then God forgives him, and he gets his chance to go to heaven after his death. How can a simple man, that decided to become a priest, can take the power of the mighty God, and forgive the sinners? Also people, who are sentenced to death for their terrible crimes, confess to a priest before they die, in order to live...
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