Is Putin a Great Leader?

Topics: Russia, Vladimir Putin, Boris Yeltsin Pages: 4 (1454 words) Published: November 13, 2008
Bibliography: Le Monde diplomatique novembre, octobre 2008

Putin: Is he a great leader?

At first, Putin as the Time’s Person of the Year can be shocking considering the many issues Russia has to face on (the lack of democracy for example). But as the Time says, this title is “a clear-eyed recognition of the world as it is and of the most powerful individuals and forces shaping that world –for better or worse. It is ultimately about leadership”. So is Vladimir Vladimirovich Putin a great leader? Indeed “he has performed an extraordinary feat of leadership in imposing stability on a nation that has rarely known it and brought Russia back to the table of power”, but in order to be great Putin has to ensure that his country will stay stable after he leaves the government (as president or Prime minister)

In 2000, when Putin took over President of Russia, he became the leader of a country on the verge of becoming a failed state… eight years later, Russia as dramatically changed, and for the better. With two mandates, Putin set up a vast operation of State reconstruction through the reinforcement of the administration authority, a come back on the international scene and the distraint upon economy. The Eltsin years destabilized the Kremlin so much that it couldn’t assure its regalia functions. Many regions were stronger that the federal center and had their own legislations that, on certain major points, were contrary to the federal laws. But in 2000, Putin’s government created seven federal circumscriptions headed by Putin’s men that had all powers to make the Kremlin law respected. He also fought against the corruption and the inefficiency of the administration. Concerning the international scene, Russia is back to be part of the Great nations (Russia is now the eight member of the G8) but in 2000, its situation was not that prestigious considering that after the Cold war, USSR...
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