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Vintage Records| Information Systems Proposal|

Recommended Information Systems for Nostalgic Records3
Office Automation System3
Transaction Processing3
Electronic Commerce3
Decision Support System4
Expert System4
Impact of Information Systems on Nostalgic Records4

Recommended Information Systems for Nostalgic Records

An information system is an integrated set of components used to collect, store, and process data and used to deliver information and knowledge. We can us an information system to manage our operations, interact with our customers and make us competitive in the market. Various information systems are available to us. This proposal will outline five of these components I think will best suit our store. I will provide the pros and cons of the following: * Office Automation System

* Transaction Processing
* Electronic Commerce
* Decision Support System
* Expert System

Office Automation System
The office automation system will be used to develop documents and spreadsheet. The use of an electronic mail system will enhance communication. Pro| Con|
Tasks get accomplished faster| Adjustment to new technology| Eliminates a large staff| Upfront cost|
Requires less storage space| Equipment maintenance|

Transaction Processing
A Transaction Processing System supports the monitoring, collection, storage, and processing of business transactions such as electronic payments and credit card authorizations. Pro| Con|
Easy to program, install and maintain| Adjustment to new technology| Enables global marketing| Upfront cost|
| Meticulous recordkeeping|

Electronic Commerce
An electronic commerce system will enable us to conduct transactions with other businesses, also known as business-to-business (B2B), as well as business-to-consumer (B2C). Pro| Con|
Easy to program, install and maintain| Adjustment to new technology| Enables global...
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