Is Pink Think Alive?

Topics: Female, Idea, Girl Pages: 2 (573 words) Published: April 27, 2013
Lynn Peril’s concept, “pink think” is a concept in which society has come up with a set of ideas and attitudes about what constitutes “proper” female behavior. For example, once upon a time, young girls were supposed to wear conservative dresses, and get boyfriends in hopes of those very boyfriends becoming their husbands and fathering their children so that they may become what was perceived as successful, a mother and housewife. These ideas and concepts were fit to the times that Peril mentions in her essay. Today, I believe that these stereotypes have indeed changed, and do not exist in our world today how they used to. However, naturally, new concepts and ideas have manifested in today’s world for young women in America. Today, there are new stereotypes for young women that are very much alive, and unfortunately they’ve gotten more drastic and cause grief in many of their lives. Once, the idea of how girls were supposed to behave was beneficial to them in some ways, which is assumed to be the reason they were created in the first place. Today, the toxic concepts are that of those that the media has poisoned young women with. Due to popular celebrity idols, young women are led to believe that in order to fit in, and be “popular”, they must dress scantily, hold the sexual attention of the young males that surround them, and party with the “popular” crowd. Models today encourage young women to be unreasonably skinny, encouraging behaviors such as eating disorders, drugs, and unhealthy diet rituals. Celebrity female music artists encourage young women to carry sex appeal, attracting unwanted attention from men young and old that may cause them more problems in their already complicated transitions. And now, even certain television shows encourage young woman to become pregnant at a young age when they are not ready for it because the idea is glamorized by making it to the “big screen”. In the schools these young women attend, many other factors also contribute to...
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