Is PE Everyday a Good Thing?

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Is PE everyday a good thing?
My team is: AGAINST
Hello ladies and gentlemen, my name is Samia and today I am going to speak about why PE everyday in school is not such a good idea. If you have PE everyday in school, you do not have that much time to focus on educational, artistic and imaginary things like making up your own stories, increasing vocabulary and improving in other subjects in school. If a child is doing PE every day, they are going to be extra tired at the end of the day and they will not have much energy to study for their homework or a test they might have the next day and even if they do, they will not be able to put too much of a effort in it. Sure PE is a very good way to keep children healthy but on the other hand, PE every single day can cause exhaustion and lead to kids having a weaker performance and lack of focus in other things in their lives. Some kids may not be so physically active and good in PE, for those kids, PE everyday might lead to them getting bullied. When a child is not so great at PE while it’s going to be there every day, bullies are going to make fun of them which will lead to depression and devastation. A school motto is something like “every child counts” and if we are going to follow that, PE everyday is not going to help. We can have after school PE lessons so that the people who are interested can go there anytime. School is not suppose to make you do things forcefully, instead they are suppose to draw you to it, if a child is interested, they will do it themselves, they should have the freedom to choose activities they would like to do on their own. PE everyday raises more chances for accidents and injuries, kids tripping over. Some kids might have a sickness, for example, a kid with asthma is not able to run for a long time as they have trouble breathing and if there is going to be PE every day, what are they supposed to do?
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