Is Our Constitution Still Relevant?

Topics: United States Constitution, United States, United States Declaration of Independence Pages: 2 (659 words) Published: April 10, 2013
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“Is our Constitution still relevant?”
225 years ago, 39 out of 55 delegates signed the Supreme Law of America, a law that symbolized freedom and independence; a law that made America what it is today. This paramount law was called the United States Constitution. The Constitution was designed to accomplish two primary objectives: First, to institute a government that would effectively exercise rights and privileges of the people. Second, to protect the individual rights we have in the Declaration of Independence and also the Bill of Rights. The Constitution is a document made up of 7 Articles and 27 Amendments. Within the 27 Amendments is the Bill of Rights though this document only pertains to the first 10 Amendments it is still a manuscript that is just as important as the Constitution. The Constitution of the United States is still relevant today. It may be outdated, but the standards that were made back then should still apply to us now. The Constitution clearly circumscribes the functions of government. It doesn’t overrule the rights of the citizens of the United States (US), and it can’t neglect the voices of those who want to be heard. Each Amendment that was created on September 17, 1787 by James Madison was to build the country out of the plights it was in and make it an enduring nation. This country was built with trial and error; when we did something that did not work we discovered another possible resolution for whatever predicament we were in. The Constitution was not written very specifically because not one delegate in that room on the 17th of September knew what life would be like in the future. The relevance of the Constitution comes to play when we need to look back on rules that were established in 1787 and recognize what we are doing wrong or right. Our Constitution is still relevant due to the fact that we are still a standing nation. We may currently be having issues such as the rise in debt, but if we keep looking...
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