Is Our Constitution Still Relevant?

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  • Published : October 22, 2012
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The United States Constitution is a very important piece of document for the American people and especially immigrants. There are many reasons for this, but the main one is that the Constitution gives freedom to people who enter America. These freedoms are not in many other countries and that’s why immigrants flee to America to pursue the American Dream. Our Constitution is still relevant today because of two things: Freedom of Speech, and Freedom of Religion. The first reason why the Constitution is relevant is because of freedom of speech the First Amendment of the Bill of Rights. This gives the American people the right to voice their opinion whether it’s good or bad. In some countries, for example China does not allow freedom of speech because they are communists, they have a law saying anyone can protest against the government, as long as they get a permit first, But if you take the risk to get a permit you’re probably going to be shipped off the a “re-education camp “this is why our Constitution is relevant. Free speech allows you to say whatever you want without being judged or held against your will by law enforcements. The second reason main reason why the constitution is important is freedom of religion the American people having the right to worship whoever they want even if it’s a dog. People believe in whatever and whoever and it lets them live their life without getting discriminated against by mostly people and/or the government.

All in all I believe the Constitution is still relevant today because
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