Is Orwell’s Description of a Totalitarian Society in 1984 a Realistic One, in Your Opinion?

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  • Published : October 23, 2012
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1.Is Orwell’s description of a totalitarian society in 1984 a realistic one, in your opinion?
In the twentieth century the world got to know what totalitarianism is. Namely, it is a state organizational system in which the ruling authorities interfere within all the spheres as well as aspects of citizens’ lives and exercise a far-reaching pervasive control. In the literature of that period as well as contemporarily the theme of despotic dictatorship appears quite frequently. The dystopian novel Nineteen Eighty-Four written by George Orwell is a model example of such oligarchical autocracy and simultaneously is a meticulous study of this system. Realism, alternatively, presents an accurate picture of reality. Is Orwell’s description of a totalitarian society in 1984 a realistic one?

The book shows a dark vision of a fictional future world divided into three super-states which are constantly at global war with each other. Therefore, it is not a realistic reflection of reality. The social system presented in ‘1984’ is based on a total control of all people. Sorrowfully, all the individuals are deprived of free will objects, "living machines". The authority controls almost all aspects of life, or rather existence of citizens, everyone is under surveillance and observation. To implement such a meticulous observance special screens called ‘telescreens’ are installed permanently in almost every room in the country. No one can feel safe nor secure. All the aspects of citizens’ lives are controlled even personal thoughts in order to gain political loyalty. Oceania citizens have developed a personal defence mechanism designed to stop their own thoughts going in a wrong or dangerous direction. The history and current information from the contemporary world as well as one’s own experience show how the totalitarian countries functioned (e.g. People’s Republic of Poland, USRR) and still function (e.g. North Korea). Maintenance of power is the main objective of the...
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