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  • Published: October 23, 2014
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English 1A (MWF 100-350) Professor Nelson Oct. 3 2014 Online Social Networking Bringing Us Closer Together The 21st century has seen multiple technologies being developed. The internet boasts as one of the greatest inventions of all times. It has changed the way people communicate. The internet offers many forms of modern communication. One of these modern communication technologies is online social networking. Online social networking can be defined as online communication through places where users can be able to create profiles and build personal networks that connect them with other users (Lenhart Mary 1). Online social networking places are simply social networking sites. They include Twitter, Zude, Facebook, Orkut, Bebo, and MySpace among many others (Kriescher 1). Online social networking has attracted lots of debate, most notably whether social networking is driving us apart or bringing us close together. Online social networking brings us closer together. Online social networking brings us closer together as it is a global phenomenon. People from all over the globe are able to come online and share content using the same platform, which is a social networking site. Social networking sites are mostly free to use such that anyone anywhere with internet access can be able to communicate with another person at any corner of the globe. This means that online social networking is able to connect people globally, thereby bringing them closer together. For instance, individuals gain more opportunities of extending friendships and reaching out to more people globally. These may be people known to them or new friends from any part of the globe since online social networking offers people with places to make and meet new friends globally. Online social networking also brings us closer together as it offers users with a place to connect with those they lost touch with. For instance, many people make friends while in school. Once people leave school, they go their different ways and in most cases lose contact. This means that such people would probably never communicate again if they can never meet again. However, online social networking makes it easier for such people who lost contact to connect. This is usually through creation of social networking groups where people with a common interest come together to connect. For instance, people who lost contact after school can join a social networking group of their former school, such that they can connect with their former school mates through the group. A social networking site such as Facebook offers users with the capability of creating groups where people with similar interest or backgrounds connect easily. Moreover, online social networking allows users to search for people using their names, offering people with higher chances of searching and finding friends they lost contact with. This means that people who may have lost contact can be brought back together through online social networking. Despite the fact that online social networking can bring us closer together, it can also drive us apart. Social networking is usually used by different people differently. Some use it for the good reasons while others use it for the bad reasons. For instance, there are people who use online social networking sites to discriminate others. For instance, cases of online harassment where there are repeated uninvited or unwelcome behaviors and comments are common in social media (Gombar Annie 17). Such harassment can be targeted towards a person or persons of a certain race, age, ethnicity, or gender. Online social networking can also drive us apart by people isolating and grouping themselves into social classes where people from different social classes would be unwelcome in such social networking groups. Online social networking has also seen people becoming less engaged physically, such that socializing is becoming more limited to the internet rather than physical engagements. This...
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