Is Music a Luxury or Necessity?

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Music Is Indeed a luxury but also an importance of survival. Many people who will go through tough times will listen music to keep them calm or even take them away to a fantasy world.I believe music is necessary to survival considering the amount of musicians in the world,if music was suddenly gone the world would seem very bleak and boring with no seeming light. Music can convey every single emotion and other topics such as ,Sadness, angry, happy, curious, funny.

As someone who constantly is plugged in to my ipod, Cd player, or constantly playing music whenever i can it would appear to be a necessity to me. If you do the math, I would say I spend upwards of 18% of my time reading, writing, playing, or listening to music. That's a huge number considering we spend 30% of our time sleeping.Those numbers, however, are misleading: We often multi-task while listening to music. It makes chores like homework and cleaning almost enjoyable. In fact, music makes my life in general much more tolerable, which in itself is an argument supporting it being a necessity.

But do we really need music to survive? It's obvious it doesn't provide food or shelter. There are people out there who never listen to music, either because they don't have the chance or because they get no enjoyment from it. I don't think I could go a day without listening to music. Even as i'm writing this i'm listening right now. The key word is "think." I get stressed if I haven't listened to music in a couple days. It calms and soothes, stirs and inspires. It is intensely personal, yet can unite large groups of diverse people. Music offers an escape from reality, taking me back to precise moments in my life or forward to moments I hope to experience. The Album "The Razors Edge" By "AC/DC" was the first album I ever owned. I still remember buying it and listening to it non-stop

I often dream about making music my profession. Whether critiquing or creating, I seem to have a...
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