Is Mumbai Really Safe?

Topics: Rape, English-language films, Crime Pages: 1 (276 words) Published: January 18, 2011
Mumbai, the city that epitomizes safety in India has its women currently tangled in the web of sexual assaults. This city has been the residence of heinous crimes of late. The cop is no more a cop. He is the ‘rapist.’ Who are we to trust then? Are we Mumbai-ites really safe?

There are no perfect answers to these questions but if you look around you will realize that Mumbai is safe for women in comparison with the other places of India. These crimes are not simply over-looked here nor are they forgotten after considerable period. The criminals are given harsh punishments to suit their sins. For e.g. Dhananjay rape case; 14 years down the lane, this case was not left unattended. Even after such a long period the justice was given. Few fear to commit crimes looking at these examples while rest still commit. Yet, this won’t drain the energy out of the umpteen officials in here. These true-to-their-work officials will continue to give in their best to prevent the crimes from happening but if at all they happen, the NGOs as well as the governmental organizations do come forth to pick up the pieces. Media gives them a good back up. Indeed, the public moves on after media stops the coverage. Although out of sight might mean out of mind but that’s not the literal case in here. The public does have the awareness. Moving on does not mean they completely forget the issues and go careless. Moving on only shows the spirit of Mumbai that exudes the ‘never give up no matter what’ attitude.
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