Is Money an Effective Motivator at Work?

Topics: Motivation, Maslow's hierarchy of needs, Money Pages: 4 (1383 words) Published: November 16, 2011
The word ‘motivation’ means the interests, desires and readiness of a worker to apply take efforts and the necessary steps to satisfy career needs. Company leaders, owners, HR-managers and specialists ask what kind of employees they want to have in their companies. They are unanimous that ability to think, act independently, show personal initiative and taking reasonable risks are the qualities of the employees they want to hire. The question is how motivated an employee should be to correspond to this list of qualities-demands and is money an effective motivator at work to make each of them to become an “outstanding” employee. Managers of a company can apply a lot of effort to make the working place of their company look attractive for professional and skillful employees. It is not enough just to pay the salary now. Money nowadays is not a factor that can make the employee work at his full capacity or even continue working at home. It is as simple as that. A person works in a company only because of money, or in other words, he is money-motivated. He can be hired away be a competitor. No company is interested in letting a valuable employee work for another because it can inflict considerable damages them. This is the primary reason why employers should understand that an employee who is money-motivated is a potential ‘vermin’ of the company. Money in itself cannot be a sufficient motivator at work. Employees working for money leave work at the first minute they can, and never do anything above his ‘duty regulations’. He will never work with the company, but always for it. And therefore will not see reason for loyalty between working for this or that company. It will be only the matter of the salary. This is the point when the leadership of a company should think about the motivation of their personnel. As a matter, of fact the majority of contemporary employees are looking for other benefits from work, besides their wages. The four main motivational factors are...
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