Is Marriage Out of Style

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Is marriage out of style?

What is the most popular topic of girls? The answer to the question is “love and marriage”. It’s true. Almost all of girls hope Mr. Right would appear with “glass slipper” next second. As a girl, I have taken part in lots of talks about marriage with same-aged girls. However, my cousin is an exception. I had to listen to her “Single Theory” whenever I mentioned the imagination of marriage. She said, “Marriage is out of date. It will be not necessary anymore.” At that time, I was too young to distinguish whether she is right. As I grew up, I found that most people debate marriage from the following five aspects: Is marriage just a form of commitment? Would cohabitation replace it? Is marriage the tomb of love? Does it lead people to losing freedom? Whether marriage is still necessary as women have been more and more independent?

To begin, as with women becoming more and more independent, many of them get the same idea as Caroline. On the BBC News, she says that women have been changing their values and increasing independence recently. They get their own jobs and have enough ability to support themselves; therefore, Caroline thinks it’s no need for women to get marriage. (Caroline, 1997). It seems true on this aspect, while I prefer Rich Rivers’ viewpoint. For the question “Do independent women need a permanent man or marriage” on the home page of Helium, he responds that a woman needs a man in her life to talk with and she “needs a shoulder to lean on and cry on” whether she is independent or not. (Rich Rivers, 2006). Personally speaking, becoming independent is a good thing; however, it doesn’t mean independent women don’t need marriage or stable life.

Independence aside, freedom after marriage is also one of the issues people worry about, especially for men. According to James Walsh in his essay “Why People Don’t Want to Get Married”, he mentions that marriage kills freedom. You have to give up...
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