Is Marriage Necessary or Not?

Topics: Religion, Marriage, Human Pages: 1 (359 words) Published: May 11, 2013
Is marriage necessary or not?

Human beings are subject to evolution, not only physical but mental too. During this evolution some of the human inventions evolved too and one of these inventions is the marriage. Even though, the marriage invention could be attributed to religion; the marriage still continues to be a human invention. Going back 40 or 50 years we will see people living a happy ever after story in the marriage and some of those marriages still continue together until our days. Where is the difference? The way people evolved giving les importance to the commitment and more to the freedom. Now women are more independent than before so they don’t need a man in their lives, in this case the freedom is more important. At the moment a couple lives together there is an implicit idea that “we are not married so any time we can separate” this sense of freedom let the couple live well. The moment the same couple get married things change because now “we are married and no matter what I have to be with you” what adds to the couple an element of stress that at the end if it is not well treated ends with a divorce. Now, is the marriage necessary? The answer for me is yes and no. Yes, is necessary if you profess a certain religion. You must be coherent with your creed if not why being part of a religious community. No, marriage is not necessary if the couple is mature enough to accept the commitment in the same level as being married. This means that if the couple is absolutely sure that even being married will never change they relationship, why get married, just to fulfill a common requirement? I know couples that have been living for 60 years without being married and decided to do it close to the end of their days; in some cases to fulfill the religious requirement and in other cases just to be in pace with the social requirement. At the end the couple is the only one capable to decide if being married is necessary or not.
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